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Biography resume

Claudia is currently working as an illustrator, graphic designer, web designer, fine artist, and photographer in her studio in Connecticut. She has studied under Jean and Rudolf Zallinger, Ken Davies, Paul Lipp, John Massimino and Leonard Everett Fischer at the Paier College of Art. She has worked extensively with airbrush, watercolors, acrylics, pastels and oil paints, and is also skilled in the art of digital drawing on the Wacom tablet.

  One of the artistic avenues in which Claudia excels is the children's book industry. She has illustrated classic fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel and Snow White as well as a wide range of other picture books. Writing and illustrating her own stories has become another skill she enjoys. She also creates novel covers for publishers with a wide range of subject matter, from romance to chic lit.

  Claudia has worked with corporate and retail clients to produce newspaper, magazine and web advertising. She also works with ad agencies as an illustrator, storyboard artist and point-of-purchase display designer.

  Being the first illustrator to bring the laptop and the Wacom tablet into the field of court room sketching was exciting for Claudia. She also does her sketches in the traditional medium, pastels when appropriate. Her recent assignments with ABC, NBC, Fox and CNN proved to be exciting as well as challenging.

   Interested in all forms of design, Claudia works with interior designers to place her fine art and portraits as well as commissioned murals in private and retail enviorments.

   Claudia has served as her own sales agent in certain markets for many years. As a result, she has developed a keen sense of how to please each client. She feels that the ultimate challenge is to satisfy the buyer as well as her own high standards as an artist and designer. She has worked in the advertising and illustration field for over twenty years. Her wide range of talents is a valuable resource for any company.