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Art is everywhere. We can help you find it in yourself. Exploring art in various mediums will open your mind and free your creativity. ClaudiawWolf.com is a working artist’s studio, an art school and an art gallery. We offer art classes, demonstrations, art parties, art work for sale and art field trips.

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List of Classes

Acrylic on canvas. Landscapes, abstracts and portaits as well as themany schools of art will be interpreted.

Creative Imagery
Crafts, painting, drawing and multi-mediums. Various art works studied.

Still life with a slant. Figure drawing will be taught as well.

Study of traditional and progressive techniques.

Three dimentional forms explored. Multi mediums will be creatively mixed for the optimum effect.

The Artist Series
Study the work of renowned artists through slide shows and discussions. Art projects inspired by each artist will be created. Join us for an inspiring session.

Digital Drawing
Macintosh computer art with the WacomTablet, a computer drawing tool.

Found Object Sculpture
This class is based on the theory that art is everywhere. We recycle pieces of toys, building supplies, fabrics and "found objects", to create pieces which become objects d'art, both two and three dimentional.
Children's Book Design

This class consists of writing and illustrating a layout for a children's book, with a few finished illustrations. The children are encouraged to use their dreams, fantasys and goals to create a keepsake that reflects their personal style.

Jewelry with Sculpy
Clay is used to design contemporary pieces that can be worn or given as gifts. Painting and mounting or stringing is then done to complete the finished pieces.
Paper as Sculpture

Paper in it's many possibilities will be explored in this set of classes. Building with paper pulp, designing paper lanterns, japanese bowls and fans, as well as book making are a few of the delightful projects to be created.

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